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Thug Bitch Daemon Kash

Daemon Kash

This sexy dark chocolate brutha gives a fine definition to Darker the Berry the sweeter the juice. Daemon Kash joined up with Rockafellaz a while back after meeting with Rock himself during one of Dallas, TX Pride events. He talked with Rock a lot about wanting to get into the industry. Daemon didn't know if he wanted to pursue it for a long time, but he knew it was something that he wanted to try out. So he finally met up with Rock in St. Louis and made it happen. Check him out in his first solo. Nice chocolate dick to suck on and a nice chocolate ass to munch on. He even brought a toy with him.

Yo! Dis ur brotha Daemon Kash Born as Scorpio, thugs be shittin' bricks when dey see me on tha streets. I'm Gay and I like to be a Versatile. If ya wanna get wit dis thug ya'll should know dat I'm Single. Ma skin's Dark, hair's Black, and my eyes are Brown. I stand at 6'0", wit my weight being 165 and tha waist at 32. I kno' fo' sho' ya wanna gobble down on my delicious 9.5" Cut cock, so check it out in da shoot yo!

Download entire series: Daemon Kash.zip

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