Brandon Smith + Marquez Davis - Added on 07-18-2019

Brandon and Marquez and chillin watchin some TV when Marquis spots a magazine on Brandon's table with naked men in it. Brandon forgot to put that shit away but he tells Marquez not to knock it til he's tried it. Marquez seems pretty open minded and they start to kiss and feel each other up. Brandon whips out 11 fat inches of black meat and is surprised by how well Marquez sucks it. Brandon bends Marquez over, tastes his ass and gets that hole ready to take some pipe. Brandon slams that dick in and Marquez is shocked by how much he is liking that dick up his ass. Marquez can't hold it any longer and busts his nut all over Brandon's piece and he uses his nut to finish himself off. Marquez leans down and licks up the cum from the tip and makes out with Brandon to finish up a hot fuck session.

Staxx - Added on 07-11-2019

Staxx can play with himself both on the basketball court and inside the garage working on his big dick.

Virgil Tucker - Added on 07-03-2019

If you hoop, you can catch this 6’1” ball playa on yah local b-ball court for a quick game of 21. You might even get tea bagged as he goes up for a dunk on ya ass. Virgil comes with it so bring yah A-Game though. Catch this thug as he makes it to the crib and before he showers, he’s got some in house balls to play with now, this time it ain’t no practice though. He Shoots - He scores.

Corporate - Added on 06-27-2019

A true ladies man indeed Corporate is also the subject of many jerk off sessions. He is a man in every sense from his solid 200lb athletic frame to his big strong hands. Corporate has a smile that would wake the sun up and soft curly hair that he says the honeys like to grab when he?s deep stroking them to some R Kelly tunes. Let?s not forget about that lovely caramel stick he?s been blessed with, the thick vein filled dick of his looks finger licking good along with his low-hanging delectable balls. ?Everybody?s got a lil freak inside?, Corporate says because he loves for his females to open his ass cheeks and French kiss his hole. When asked the freakiest place he?s ever had sex he quickly replied, ?shit yo in the middle of the football field with two females and I took turns driving my dick into their wet hungry pussies?. Damn that?s definitely a sight to see. Well enjoy his shoot as he strokes himself into a cum-filled frenzy.

Trell Truman - Added on 06-20-2019

Brandon Smith + Desmond Diaz - Added on 06-13-2019

Brandon Smith is hittin up Desmond Diaz's professional tax services. They fill out some forms together and go over some information but when Desmond asks for his retainer's fee Brandon tells him he thought they take it outta the return. Brandon asks if there are other forms of payment and feelin pretty horny Desmond suggests he get some ass as payment. Brandon's not too used to bottoming and Desmond has a fat piece he's workin with. Desmond opens that ass up and just keeps on fucking even when Brandon is moaning and shit. Desmond's in heaven in that tight ass and he can't keep it in for long. They finish by jerking off together and finish their meeting by shooting two massive loads.