Prince Taj + Romeo St. James - Feed & Fuck - Added on 08-22-2019

Romeo is tryin to find this condo he rented out in Miami when he gets a little lost. He asks Prince Taj for some assistance and Taj asks if he wants him to just hop in the car so he can show him where it is. Romeo is worried Taj might have a weapon on him so he has to do a quick frisk in the car to make sure it's all good. Feeling Taj's tight body gets Romeo pretty worked up so they find his condo, open a bottle, and get right it. Taj has an ass on him like you wouldn't believe. The thing is so big and juicy Romeo spends a lot of time tasting that smooth tight hole. Taj is feelin Romeo's big fat thug pipe too and he sucks that shit nice and deep to get it rock hard. Taj isn't used to taking dick as big as Romeo's but they make sure to work it all in cause that's how horny these bruthas are. It's so tight you know Romeo is gonna bust a huge nut and that's just what he does!

Kemancheo 3 - Added on 08-15-2019

Desmond Diaz + Jamal Iverson - Added on 08-08-2019

Jamal is chillin visiting Miami for the weekend and ends up at Desmond's hotel. They aren't really feelin goin out tonight but decide to have their own little party there. They go inside and strip down and feel each other up while gettin real hot. Desmond has the thickest roundest ass you've probably ever seen and it's up in the air on display while he sucks on Jamal. Jamal can't take much of that shit before he's ready to plow Desmond and bends him over so he can spread those cheeks and get it in. It's almost hypnotizing to watch those cheeks bounce while Desmond is getting fucked from behind. Jamal feels that cum aching to get out and pulls out and unleashes a big load all over Desmonds chest and Desmond is so turned on he busts his shit too. Now that's much better than going out!

Nand - Added on 08-01-2019

Let me introduce you to this hot latin treat from Miami who goes by the name of Nand. This caramel dream with a body to die for also has a surprise!! Hell, to say big would be an understatement. nand is equipped with a huge thick uncircumcised 11 inches of joy for anybody who thinks they can handle it. If you think your ready for Nand, then check him out.

Mike Mathews - Added on 07-25-2019

Mike Mathews comes through to show a lil thugga in his blood. While doing so he closes his eyes and what you might question is what he's thinking about while he beats his city thugboy chocolate dick. Another question you might ask ? hmmmm Does this thug take the d in the ass or nah? Find out in the interview portion of the Video.

Brandon Smith + Marquez Davis - Added on 07-18-2019

Brandon and Marquez and chillin watchin some TV when Marquez spots a magazine on Brandon's table with naked men in it. Brandon had forgot to put that shit away, but he tells Marquez not to knock it til he's tried it. Marquez seems pretty open minded, they start to kiss and feel on each other. Brandon whips out his fat 11 inches of black meat and is surprised by how well Marquez sucks it. Brandon then bends Marquez over, tastes his ass to get that hole ready to take some pipe. Brandon slams his big dick in and Marquez is shocked by how much he is liking that dick up his ass. Marquez can't hold it any longer and busts his nut all over Brandon's piece and he uses his nut to finish himself off. Marquez leans down and licks up the cum from the tip and makes out with Brandon to complete a hot fuck session.