CMack and Tastee - CAMPING BUDDIES - Added on 06-04-2020

Castro and Yanni Decide to get a hotel room in Miami, the mood is set with Yanni giving Castro a light dick massage. Once Castro gets his hands on Yanni hole his huge shlong Immediately gets hard. The two have a slight intimate moment as Castro glides his dick in and out of Yanni so that he can get it perfectly wide. Want to know a secret? Who knew Castro liked his ass? We’ve got it here too. It only begins when Castro says “poke ya ass up”. These two get verbal and Castro claims to own Yanni’s ass saying “this is my bussy aint it?” This Castro & Yanni classic is one of all times be sure to save it to your vault. Once Yanni gets comfortable he lets Castro pound that ass to where it gives a bounce back. Yanni Likes it, you can tell by the way he keeps that ass poked out.

Toonez - Added on 06-02-2020

Toonez is no new model to this type of gig, but this handsome guy has returned to the stage feeling and looking better than before. With the body ink to match his name, ‘Toonez’ he gets a lil giddy when he gets lubed up to stroke his long hard dick. With the cake on the reverse end and the looks he gives from his eyes he attracts all types. With that said, could you be the one to get to know this thug a lil more pushing him to the limits of busting a fat nut?

Rex + Will2K - COUCH FUN - Added on 05-28-2020

Damn bus running late, fuckin up Rex's bizniss. Fuckin city needs to be investin mo moneyz in that public transportation system instead of snortin coke of a hooker's ass. Anyways, it ain't all bad cuz crazy ass asian Rex pops up outta nowhere and the two go back to tha crib, cuz why wait for a damn bus when you can fuck and suck some dick? Dese brothas know wassup. Will2K straight aimin for dat thug pipe suckin it til tha damn thang is ready to fuck the shit outta his ass. Rex ain't playin around, the brotha knows how to fuck and gives Will2K a mercilessly poundin and nuttin all over da face. But Will gets his turn too when he sprays his juice all over Rex's phat body.

Zahfar - LEATHER SOLO - Added on 05-26-2020

Zafar, an outgoing guy from Atlanta, speaks about his sexual experience during his interview. After being asked if he’s had group sex or 3 somes, he gets aroused and moves to touch his dick, but shockingly in his answer he’s claims to have never had any group or 3 some sex. We find out that Zafar has a huge foot fetish and other kinky ideas, Lets watch as Zafar gives our eyes a nude leather and chains behind the scenes photo/video shoot with a splash of cum on sheets at the end.

Tyrelle - Basketball Solo - Added on 05-21-2020

Tyrelle wanted to have an action photo shoot to show off his basketball skills. After the outside portion of the shoot he decided to get out of the hot sun and bust one just for you!

Yusef Johnson - Added on 05-19-2020

Yusef turned out to be a real sweetheart, shy to the point of being embarrassed when I asked him about posing nude. He'd never posed nude before, but the more I spoke with him the more the idea seemed to intrigue him, even turn him on. When I asked Yusef about his sexual experiences, trying to feel out his sexual preference, he admitted to blowing a married brotha recently on a public train, late at night in the last car. "I was reading a book, man, and this dude about three seats down just pulls out his dick and starts stroking it. He kept staring at me, and there was only him and me in the car and the brotha was fine as fuck. What could I do?"