Vladimir - Added on 12-06-2019

Big John Stud and Devereax DeVega - Added on 11-27-2019

Devereax DeVega lookin at FlavaMen magazine, strokin his piece when da plumber wit the big fat booty knocks on the door. Yo everyone always fuckin the plumbers in dis game, but that's just how it is. Dat's real shit. Devereax all pissed off that his play session got interrupted, but Big John Stud makes up fo dat shit in no time. After fixin dat sink he be takin care of Dev's pipe as well. Tha brotha is all up in dat ass in no time fuckin the plumber til he bust on his face.

Baby Boy and XXXTasy - Added on 11-20-2019

Yea, it's dat Baby Boy back sucking dick like it's candy. And who wouldn't go down on a brotha like XXXTasy, with a name like that ya probably be gettin all high and shit just slurping down that gigantic load of cum. Bro got X flowing through his veins like no other, so watch em fuck the shit outta each other. Get ya pants wet boi.

J Swagga + Kemancheo + Romeo St. James - Couch Threesome - Added on 11-14-2019

Romeo St James is cruising around lookin for some green when he stumbles upon J Swagga and Kemancheo chillin in the street. He hits those bruthas up and they say they can help him out. They head back to Romeo's crib and shoot the shit. Kemancheo and Swagga are definitely feelin Romeo and let him know they're ready and willing. Romeo is into some kinky bondage shit for real and before long he has J Swagga naked and tied up to a chair. Kemancheo brings out a couple of big dildos and they take turns stuffing both of his holes. Romeo wants some ass too and he digs in Kemancheo real deep til that brutha is screaming for mercy. All that rough freaky raw fuckin has them too worked up and they bust their shit all over each other!

Robert - Added on 11-07-2019

Rob, the cute little latino thug was beatin it to the camera like he owned dat bitch. Yea you know how they all act tough, but once you slip em your dick they just melt away right in front of you. Such a slim cutie once you get past the too tough to be tough act!

Ghost - Added on 10-31-2019

Got a Miami dawg here, bit on the black side, but the hispanic blood cruises through his veins. Heavily tattooed Ghost ain't shy. Showing off every inch of his body and busting one hell of a big sticky nut!