Yuri Lucas - Bunny Boy - Added on 04-18-2019

Leon Lance Solo - Added on 04-11-2019

Prada - Added on 04-04-2019

Prada comin live at ya in yo pants. This hot and horny bad boy got the whole package with a phat dick and cute lil ass. Man you can just imagine lickin that tite lile butthole and nuttin all over yourself when he fucks you silly. Yea dats wassup.

Lil Romeo - Added on 03-28-2019

Black Star - Added on 03-21-2019

This thug is the freak of all freaks.? Black Star loves to have sex constantly.? If he's not banging a guy out he is on the phone jackin off with someone.? The freakiest place he had sex was in jail.

Tuk - Added on 03-15-2019

Ask no more for that sexy, athletic, aggressive type. Here is Tuk, ready to sink his sex appeal into you, leaving your pockets dry and body fulfilled. Tuk likes to work his body out either by weight lifting, running, playing football or by doing what comes natural for him - Sex. I know that by now, more than just your mouth should be open, so if you know what I mean, then let Tuk play football with you.