Skittlez and Xtasy Amerin - Added on 10-22-2020

Xtasy kickin it lookin for some dick so he callin up some hoe to suck his dick and get him to nut. Skittlez comes right over desperate for some hot thug dick. He's all over that shit like it candy makin that dick stab the fuck outta his throat. When Xtasy is happy with that he tosses Skittlez onto the couch and fucks him hard. Skittlez is lovin that dick and especially gettin that nut to the face. 2 satisfied brothas!

Theo Rush + Ty Lamar 2 - GRAFFITI ART - Added on 10-15-2020

Ty Lamar is appreciating some graffiti art on the streets of Miami when Theo walks by and scopes him out. He asks what's up and if he likes what he sees. Theo definitely likes what he is lookin at and goes up to grab and see what Ty is packin. Feelin it, they head back to Theo's hotel room and strip down and make out. Ty puts his lips all over Theo and ends up right between his legs lickin that ass and tonguing it. Once it's all wet he pulls Theo's legs up and shoves his big dick in. All Theo can do is yell "hell yeah!" while he gets opened up. They 69 for a while and Ty shoots all of his nut in Theo's mouth and jerks Theo's fat dick until he busts too. Theo might have forgotten to mention his boyfriend and once he gets his nut he kicks Ty out real fast before he gets caught!

Peanut Butter 3 - Added on 10-08-2020

Peanut Butter returns for another solo of him jacking that dick and bust a huge load just for you!

Anubis, Breion Diamond and Rico Polo - Added on 10-01-2020

Anubis chillin wit his homie Rico in Miami. They waitin on Breion to come over, have a little party n chill n shit ya heard. Breion's ass is fashionably late like usual, but it's all good... Breion recognizes Anubis and needs to fuck him of course. No time's wasted and the three brothas are naked as fuck and Breion is eatin ass, then fuckin Rico and switchin to Anubis next up. Yo this threesome is some crazy shit real talk and you gots to check it out!

Xtasy Amerin - Added on 09-29-2020

Watch this real trill thug fuckin a Fleshlight all day long like it ain't no thang. Yea he likes to play with himself, so what. Ain't always a brotha around that can take a big monster dick like that so a homie gotta do what a homie gotta do and that is to bust that mafuckin nut!

Affliction + Smooth - HUSTLIN - Added on 09-24-2020

Smooth hustlin like he always do, gettin dat shy Affliction back to his crib promising him a lil somethin somethin like dat, but all he be gettin is Smooth's monster piece knockin out his teeth. But Affliction is aight with dat, he don't mind to suck some thug dick and get is ass torn apart by Smooth. Just another day in a Thug's life, gettin what a brotha wants, ya just gotta take dat shit, and stick ya dick up in dem cakes. Learn from da Smooth motherfucker in dis.