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Malice - Added on 05-16-2019

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the sexiest of them all? His name is malice, also known as Cocodorm dad. Yes, my faithful members, he is the embodiement of what a fine black man is. With that face, body, ass and piece of his you can't go wrong. His ideal date would be a home-cooked pasta dish, followed by a glass of tanqueray and the movie Hoodlum. That's not all though, this daddy has a freaky side. For example having sex at city hall in New York, This Atlanta Hot Boi has alot of sexual energy and with him anything goes as long as your a F.B.M. (Fyne Black Man). So get ready and let daddy take charge.

Red 2 - Added on 05-09-2019

Cocoboy Red is a 20 y/o from Brooklyn, NY. He is a hot boy who loves to hang out with his friends and play Basketball. He is avalible for hookups with hot boys. Email Red at

Jody Jacinto Solo Shoot - Added on 05-03-2019

Le Trey and Manny Brock - Fucking @ Breion's Crib - Added on 04-25-2019

Le Trey and Manny Brock showin up to clean Breion's pool. They see the pool, but they don't understand cuz they all Mexican or something. Well who cares, fuck working when you can just go ahead and fuck, dat's how Manny and Trey roll fa sho. The pool ain't gettin cleaned, but dicks are out and getting hard and that's all we care about. Le Trey is all about suckin that dick and getting a real good ass work out from Manny. The two fuck it all the way through not giving a fuck about Breion's pool.

Yuri Lucas - Bunny Boy - Added on 04-18-2019

Leon Lance Solo - Added on 04-11-2019