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DA - Added on 09-22-2020

All you have to do is take one look at this guy to understand why "Da" means "Yes" in Russian; no one would turn down this Puerto Rican prince with his fat, uncut torpedo dick and washboard belly that practically screams to be licked.

Tyce - Added on 09-18-2020

EnTyce you is what this slim cutie from Virginia is known for doing. He will educe you with his sexy moves and mesmorize you with his exotic piercing. This hotboy is always horny and looking for action. He's more than ready to dick anybody down and make them love it, but his best assets are in his ass. So check this shorty out and see why we call him "The Professional Dick Rider". A hard dick and a tight ass, what more can you ask for. Got lube!?

Carmelo Star + Romeo Storm - CHILLIN BROS - Added on 09-10-2020

Carmelo and Romeo chillin on some balcony or whatever when Romeo tells a brotha he ain't had sex in a minute so Carmelo let him know he down to get his ass smashed proper. Romeo promises him he'll tear that shit apart til the sun comes up and he's keeping his promise fa sho. That ass takes a beating of a life time and Carmelo loves every second of it. They fuck all night long til Romeo needs to cum all over Carmelo's face!

Danger Zone and Rico Watts - HITTIN THE STREETS - Added on 09-03-2020

Danger Zone hittin tha streets of Dallas for a change, meeting himself one hella sexy ass thug by the name of Rico Watts. Rico is all man fa sho, so ya know these two gon git down to bizniz. Danger is always ready to fuck and this day ain't no different. He's slammin tha fuck outta Rico's ass and he's willing to take it all. Fuck, he's lovin that shit real talk, especially that big nut he gets all in his mouth!

Torez Tyrell - Added on 09-01-2020

Tray and Will2K - Added on 08-27-2020

Tray callin up his boy Will2K to chill, have a couple drinks o whatever, but Tray a sly mothafucka. While Will2K drops by Tray be takin a shower, so Will2K gets horny as fuck Tray steps outta that shit with just a towel wrapped around. The two get at it right away with Tray throwin himself on top of Will. The two chiseled body brothas are making that bed move fa sho. Tray fucks dats face and eats dat azz and fucks Will hard with his fat black dick. Tray really layin down some hurtin on that ass, but Will is all for it. At least Tray lets Will jerk off all over his sexy abs after he gets his on nut on Will.