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Kris - Added on 08-06-2020

Kris has sexy bedroom brown eyes, juicy lips to die for, and a nice phat dick and ass. He's originally from Texas, but don't be fooled, he's no good boy. He's vicious, talented and hot! Watch out for this dirty south naught boy, who's middle name might as well be seduction.

Mac - Added on 07-30-2020

We spotted this young hotboy on the streets of Chicago. He has a tight athletic body, a round ass and a big dick that just makes your mouth water. He says that he is all top, and the Mac Daddy of them all.

Apollo - Added on 07-23-2020

Apollo, handsome and at the age of 23 will have you more interested as soon as he opens his mouth, his New York accent will turn you on to wanting to find out more about him. This party boy shows us how he gets down after a short interview; he bust a good nut then is asked “is there anything you want the viewers to know?” Apollo’s answer will surprise you. Apollo’s round phat ass says “I’m ready to take more dick.!! ”

Anubis + Vance Cloud - BEACH HOOKUP - Added on 07-16-2020

Vance Cloud and Anubis hookin up at da beach down in pretty ass Miami n shit. The two brothas be buff as fuck, def hittin the gym n shit and ya kno this how we like em. Back at da joint Vance goes right for da dick, goin down on dat shit like it some lollipop. Big ass Anubis shit is rock motherfuckin hard fa sho with sexy Vance workin it. Anubis flips dat brotha on his back in no time and dicks him down hard shovin his huge piece all the way down. Anubis just gits crazy wit dat ass fuckin him forever and leavin Vance wit a big ass fuckin nut on his ass. Yo, but Anubis is all about sharin, so once he got his nut he let Vance fuck him and cum on his asshole. Vance hungry as fuck after that workout eats the nut right outta that ass too!

Alonzoe Avery + Manny Baby - MORNING WOOD - Added on 07-09-2020

Manny and Alonzoe are sleep, but Alonzoe wakes up with some morning wood. So he rolls over and starts waking Manny up. Doesn't seem like Manny is wanting to get up, but Alonzoe knows how to change his mind. He starts rubbing that dick against Manny and before you know it BAM! Manny isn't going to turn down no dick, so he does what he do best. Manny sucks up Alonzoes dick and it brick instantly. Manny continues to slob and slurp that big meant while Alonzoe plays with his hole, teasing Manny and wanting him to crave the dick more. Alonzoe eats Mannys ass and Manny tells Alonzoe to give him that dick. Alonzoe, does just that and gives it to him good. But we know Manny likes to give just the same as taking it. He bends Alonzoe over and throws that dick to him like the pro that he is. Alonzoe cant resist the feeling of Mannys stroke game. Its that good. Alonzoe gets Manny in that good doggystyle and jacks his dick till he cums on Manny hole. Then pushes the nut inside Manny Ass.

Isaiah Foxx + Romeo Storm - HOT FUCKING - Added on 07-02-2020

Isaiah and Foxx back for another round of raw fuckin. One time wasn't enough, these two horny ass brothas wanted to fuck once mo. Isaiah just gotten fucked a couple hours ago, so he's ready for some more dick. That ass can take anything including Romeo's ass assault. He fucks Isaiah real good gettin all up in that fuck hole and Isaiah is lovin it! Romeo ends up bustin one hell of a nut all over that ass while he then fingers that asshole til Isaiah cums all over the damn place!