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Malo and Soldier - Taste my Cum - Added on 03-26-2020

Malo callin up Soldier lookin for some "entertainment". Homie knows wassup and he makes it over to Malo's in no time and gets right with it. Soldier climbs on top of Malo and takes his shit off. After some passionate kissing Malo starts suckin that dick gettin Soldier ready for the great ass assault. Soldier damn well knows how to please and Malo loves bouncin his ass off that dick and dont miss the snow ballin the finale!

Big John Stud and Tray - Cum Wherever! - Added on 03-19-2020

Tray and Big John Stud be runnin into each otha on tha streets of Miami. Two brothas excited as fuck to hook up again and so they do. Tray makes good work of John's face only to flip him around and bounce off that big phat ass. Tray just be pounding dat shit into the ground like and John keeps on takin it!

Mike Love - Added on 03-12-2020

Love me some Mike Love with his lovely smile and lovely killer dick making love to that video camera. He's just such an adorable lil bugger with his six pack and that goofy joking around style. Still delivers with a big fat nut too!

Ruff Ryder - Added on 03-04-2020

The beautiful specimen also known as Ruff Ryder stands up to his name. With 12.5? of caramel thick, juicy, vein filled uncut dick and long tasty balls be ready for the ride of your life! This bi-racial Philly native loves to hit it from the back. When I asked why, his reply was ?I like to see dat ass shake and jiggle around my dick?.

Jay D - Added on 02-27-2020

About the only thing NOT straight about this long, lean sex machine from The Sunshine State is that beautiful curved dick, which hangs suspended for over eight dark-brown inches pointing at the floor ,even when hard, like some freak divining rod. It took a lot of talking to get this masculine, heterosexual thug in front of our cameras, but as you can see, the results were well worth it. Jay is a slim, smooth drink of chocolate milk who was all business from word one, the results sizzling off the page

Rick The Ruler - Foot Long Thug - Added on 02-20-2020

Rick in the hizzouse. Yo this heavy tatted brotha is da real thug deal. Hard body, big dick and crazy as fuck! This one is a real keeper for the bedroom, too bad you can't control a thug brotha like dis!