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Thug Bitch Cockasauris 2

Cockasauris 2

He's young, hot, freaky, always horny, and most of all single. He's Cockasauris, the sexy streetwise fly guy who's good looks are exceeded by his all too sexy headstrong cocky attitude. Cockasauris says he really enjoys chasing other sexy boys (whether he gets the boy or not, doesn't matter, he just likes the chase) and he enjoys watching a man cum.

Yo! Dis ur brotha Cockasauris and you can gimme a holla at *****@****.***(Join to Email dem Thugs). I been playin' da game fo' 19 mafuckin' years now. Born as Leo, thugs be shittin' bricks when dey see me on tha streets. I'm Gay and I like to be a Top. If ya wanna get wit dis thug ya'll should know dat I'm Single. Ma skin's Light, hair's Brown, as are ma eyez. I stand at 5'8", wit my weight being 130 and tha waist at 28. I kno' fo' sho' ya wanna gobble down on my delicious 6" Cut cock, so check it out in da shoot yo!

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