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Prince Junior and Saint D - Added on 08-27-2015

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Saint D ain't nottin but a dirty hoe and damn proud of it. These brothas don't be wasting no time gettin down and dirty with the fucking with PJ hollain at his hoe, aiming straight for the dick for some 69in and it's all straight gangstas fucking from there on out and dese bitches just love cum all over their faces. Like damn these brothas are crazy. This some glorious hardcore motherfuckin shit rite herre.

Deshawn Bentley + Romeo St. James - Added on 08-20-2015

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Romeo was havin a real bad day at work and was lookin for a drink at his crib but his bottle was missing. He yells at Deshawn askin where his shit is but Deshawn has no idea. Deshawn tries to calm Romeo down by teasing him with his beautiful ass. He figures nothin is better than a rough fuck to let off some steam. Deshawn wraps his lips around Romeo's impressive piece and before you know it Romeo is only thinking about getting it all the way up Deshawn's hole. He bends that shit over and starts to plow it deep. Deshawn loves it so much he is yelling and begging for more while he backs up on it. Romeo is so worked up he can't hold it any longer and he busts his huge nut all over Deshawn's face and Deshawn empties his tanks too. There's no way Romeo could be mad after that!

Nick Da Kannon and Rico Pierre - Added on 08-13-2015

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Two slim brothas doing tha thang right here. Some fuckin big ass dixxx in this one fa sho, and dat bro Kannon can deep throat that shit like whoa man. Ricco can't keep up wit dat, but da Nick got a big ass dick too and gets to pound the hell outta dat fine ass. Ricco taking the huge piece all the way in and lovin every second of it. Gorgeous nut in the end two all ova dat thug's lips and shit spreading tha juicy love between them brothas wit a delicious cum filled kiss. Dayum dem freaks be real fuckin into dat shit.

Brooklyn and Romeo St James - Added on 08-06-2015

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Brooklyn, dat's where a brotha is from and he all about da bizniss of taking some big ass dick up his ass. Yo Romeo was just waiting for his laundry to be done, but Brooklyn came in and got his dick all tingly n shit, so Romeo gets down with a brotha. They can't keep their hands off each other, already gettin it on in the elevator, but tha real action starts back at tha crib with some mean dickin down. Romeo rides dat thug and busts a big fat nut all over his face.

Christian Armani and TKO - Added on 07-30-2015

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TKO just chillin in his gangsta jungle crib with Christian Armani suck his big phat fuckin dick. Slurpin up and down like it's dinner, but ya know TKO needs more than that, so he quickly gets up and starts bangin away at Christian all doggy style, fuckin that lil G til he cries for mercy. TKO ain't one to stop so quickly though, this guy is a regular ole fuck machine, like the fuckin terminator of fuckin man, just drillin his piece into Christian non stop til he gets that nut. He earned it fa sho!

Elmo Jackson and Phantom - Added on 07-23-2015

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Elmo Jackson tryin to git his exercise on, but the foo lost his key. Phantom is there for the rescue, but the brotha only got fuckin on his mind, so the two head back to tha room. Pants fuckin flyin off in no time fa sho and dicks get sucked and asses get eaten and then Phantom forces his big ass thug pipe down Elmo's anal cavity. Fuckin Elmo bouncing all over that dick like a pro and Phantom fucks him good. In return Elmo cums all up in Phantom's mouth for some hot snow ballin action.

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