Spidah - Added on 09-13-2018

This sexy guy we met in the streets of New Jersey. He loves playing basketball and video games. Spidah says the freakiest thing he has ever done was toss salad in the mall parking lot staircase.

TKO - Added on 09-06-2018

TKO, the shorty hotboy. You know they always say big things comes in small packages and he's just the one to prove it. He has a slim athletic body, firm and round ass and a monster cock.

Vega - Added on 08-30-2018

When your thinking young, hot, seductive and sexy then you can only be thinking of Vega. This versatile Latino has a tone physique and sexy face. Vega's hobbies include clubbin and hangin out.

Abdel + Elmo Jackson - Added on 08-23-2018

Elmo pickin him up some lova boi fresh off the streets of Paris. Yo it ain't the hood, but Gs need a lil vacation time too every once in a while. Soak up some culture and of course get laid like a motherfuckin thug. Dats how Elmo does it. Abdel seems a lil slow, but must be cuz he ain't speaking no english, but the language of lovin is universal and the two git down in no time. Abdel destroys that ass pretty good wit his french prick making Elmo eat that nut for desert. Real hot Paris lovin up in dis!

Ken Mariano + Ninja Nixon - Added on 08-16-2018

Ken Mariano and Ninja Nixon actin like a bunch a lil girls cuz Ninja was eye fuckin some brotha and Ken gets all pissy. Shit, it's like whatever, shoulda invited dude for a threesome or something, but these amateurs didn't think of that, so they gotta make due just fuckin each other. This some good make up sex though in this one, all that frustration and anger goes right into that dick n ass. Ken makes sure Ninja knows what the fuck is up!

Baby Star + Slim Goodie - Added on 08-09-2018

Baby Star back on the scene once again lookin for some motherfuckin thug dick so he hooks up wit his brotha Slim Goodie who's ready to dick down some phat ass and Baby Star got ass in spades. Before the two head out to the club they decide to play and get their freak on. Slim eats that ass til it's ready to pop and take in his big ass pipe. Baby Star loves that shit gettin off on that ass rammin in and outta his lil pussy, he be bustin a fat nut while Slim is fuckin and jerking him off!


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