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Shorty J and Dontanious - Added on 04-18-2014

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Shorty and Dontanious, G's be chillin in NYC like dat and gettin a lil bored and gotta do some fuckin and suckin before tha night begins fa real. Get dat good nut outta tha way before ya hit up tha clubs n shit, so em thugs get up to da room and tha pants stop dropping and all a sudden Shorty J's big fat dick be in Dontanious face like dat. You can tell he likes dat shit too, man, he's begging for that by the end after that ruff doggy style fucking that Shorty J does oh so motherfucking well. Damn!

Prettyboy and Johnnyboy - Added on 04-11-2014

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Yo listen up ya'll. Dis some educational shit, you can learn from dis thug PB right here! Wanna pick up that thugged out gangsta from next door? Just drop yo phone in the hallway and da brotha will come knockin at cha door tryin to return dat damn phone, but all da bortha gets is a big fat dick in his mouth. Nah, fa real, actually Johnny Boy is the one whippin PB in shape with his big fat piece fucking dat handsome young thug all over dat damn kitchen. Lookin cute too in tha shower. Be sure to check those tats on Johnny Boy yo!

Prince Junior and Saint D - Added on 04-04-2014

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Saint D ain't nottin but a dirty hoe and damn proud of it. These brothas don't be wasting no time gettin down and dirty with the fucking with PJ hollain at his hoe, aiming straight for the dick for some 69in and it's all straight gangstas fucking from there on out and dese bitches just love cum all over their faces. Like damn these brothas are crazy. This some glorious hardcore motherfuckin shit rite herre.

Arquez and Taz Alexanders - Added on 03-28-2014

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Taz Alexanders chillin just waiting for some friends when Arquez comes along and takes his hand. He just can't resist that swaggers and sexy ass body. He knows he wants to get that dick and take it raw, so fuck the friends, Taz goes back to Arquez' joint where the two strip down right away. Taz is crazy for that fat pipe lickin and suckin it like candy. After Arquez pounds Taz' face for a minute he decides it's time for action and rams his rod right into that juicy ass butthole. Arquez fucks non stop, tha brotha is in shape and ain't breaking a sweat. A true motherfuckin fuck machine! This thug can slay any ass!

Day Day + Pierre Jacobs - Added on 03-21-2014

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Day Day runs into Pierre Jacobs who asks a brotha for some directions, Day Day is like whatever man, why don't you come home with me so I can whip out my dick and slam it down yo mothafuckin throat. He just a balla like dat, that's all, and Pierre is the sort of cum slut that will jump on any piece a meat. Day Day got a big ass dick and Pierre loves deep throatin that shit before Day Day fucks dat ass all day long. He's lovin that ass, it's the gift that keeps on givin, taking all that dick and all the abuse he can throw at!

J-Rock and Raymond Usher - Added on 03-14-2014

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J-Rock always makin trouble. Aint got no control on dat bball or maybe that's just his way of making conversation with dat sexy slim brotha Raymond Usher. Yo, Ray definitely ain't regretting dis encounter. J-Rock got a big fat dick and ain't afraid to use it. A little in the water massage turns into J-Rock getting his dick deep throated by Ray. He damn fa sho know how to take a dick. Bottom of the year no doubt. J-Rock fucking him in the pool for a motherfuckin eternity absolutely tearing apart that ass. Ray ain't complaining, yo he takes dat dick like it aint there and takes a face full a nut at the end.

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