Demarco Strong - Added on 04-26-2018

Angel Luis - Added on 04-19-2018

The sexy cool Latin boy from San Juan, this is Angel Luis. He's shy and modest, yet thugged out, all man, all the time. He occupies his spare time with Karate lessons.

Big John Stud + Prince Junior - Added on 04-12-2018

Yea, what the hell was Prince Junior thinkin of buyin a Sebring Vert... brotha shoulda bought an S2000 or something, that shit wouldn't leave you stranded and is fast as fuck. But it may just be fo the better, cuz Big John Stud rolls by eager to help, or so he says. We all know dat horny fucka just be looking for some big fat PJ dick. PJ be gettin down like dat fa sho and the two drop them draws straight up back at da crib. Big John sucks that piece til PJ is ready to attack that big phat ass. PJ be fuckin him like a dog mercilessly poundin away and Big John loves dat shit fa sho espeically when het gets dat fat creamy nut to his face. The two brothas be sweaty as fuck at the end!

Anubis - Added on 04-05-2018

This brotha is all thug and hard as fuck. Just look at him, I mean damn, that shit's fuckin hot. Aint just big muscle either, his dick is hella fuckin humongous too. This kid ain't screwin around, when he wanna dick you down he's all that. Check out this hot ass photoshoot of my man Anubis showin it all!

Timarrie Baker - Added on 03-30-2018

This weeks Thug comes to us all the way from Portland, OR. This his first shoot solo shoot with us. We believe this thug will make bust several loads from this shoot. Introducing Timarrie Baker!

Brandon Johnson and Elmo Jackson - Hotel Room Fun - Added on 03-22-2018

Brandon jus tryin to get a nap in, but Elmo Jackson ain't like fuck no brotha, Imma hassle yo ass till you give dat shit up. Elmo all pissy from a long day at work, but Brandon knows how to help with that. With his pro dick suckin skills that dick's on hard in no time. Brandon is gettin his face fucked real good, but Elmo needs some ass and Brandon is only too eager to give it up. Elmo absolutely destroys that ass and lands a big ass nut on Brandon's face!


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