- Gay Black Thugs

69 + Ice - Added on 05-17-2018

Shit we all know what kinda traumatizing even it is to git robbed at knife point. I mean, a gun, at least you can push dat away, but a knife man, dats scary... Crackhead just gotta twitch from all dat crack and your throat is toast for real. Anyways, what better way to get over gettin robbed is to fuck your friendly neighborhood thug? He big too, tall, light skin bro with bulging abs and one hell of an overall body. They just keep on doin tha damn thang fuckin in every way possible.

Chase Carter + Light Bright Luis + Logan Heart - Added on 05-10-2018

Chase and Luis hanging out in their hotel in Orlando checkin out the scene talkin how bout they wanna get another brotha into bed, so they chat up the first dude who's walking by. Logan is down like that so they cruise on up to the room and take their damn clothes off. Logan sucks Luis' dick while Chase face fucks him for a minute. From then on out Luis gets right in the middle of the too and gets fucked every way from all directions until Luis gets up in Logan while being fucked by Chase all train like n shit! Some hot ass fuckin goin on in this motel!

Hulk3nHogan - Added on 05-03-2018

This weeks Thug comes to us from New York. This dude can really take some pics. His videos is sure to make you bust several times. Introducing Hulk3nHogan!!!

Demarco Strong - Added on 04-26-2018

Angel Luis - Added on 04-19-2018

The sexy cool Latin boy from San Juan, this is Angel Luis. He's shy and modest, yet thugged out, all man, all the time. He occupies his spare time with Karate lessons.

Big John Stud + Prince Junior - Added on 04-12-2018

Yea, what the hell was Prince Junior thinkin of buyin a Sebring Vert... brotha shoulda bought an S2000 or something, that shit wouldn't leave you stranded and is fast as fuck. But it may just be fo the better, cuz Big John Stud rolls by eager to help, or so he says. We all know dat horny fucka just be looking for some big fat PJ dick. PJ be gettin down like dat fa sho and the two drop them draws straight up back at da crib. Big John sucks that piece til PJ is ready to attack that big phat ass. PJ be fuckin him like a dog mercilessly poundin away and Big John loves dat shit fa sho espeically when het gets dat fat creamy nut to his face. The two brothas be sweaty as fuck at the end!


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