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Baby Star + Slim Goodie - Added on 08-09-2018

Baby Star back on the scene once again lookin for some motherfuckin thug dick so he hooks up wit his brotha Slim Goodie who's ready to dick down some phat ass and Baby Star got ass in spades. Before the two head out to the club they decide to play and get their freak on. Slim eats that ass til it's ready to pop and take in his big ass pipe. Baby Star loves that shit gettin off on that ass rammin in and outta his lil pussy, he be bustin a fat nut while Slim is fuckin and jerking him off!

Angelo Decosta - Added on 08-02-2018

At 25, 5'10, 170 pounds with a 9 inch dick, Angelo is a real hot boy from Cali. Angelo is mixed race, single, bi and versatile. He's a feisty Taurus who needs to be taken by the horns. Come battle with the bull, and see if you can handle the ride.

Red King - Added on 07-26-2018

Jay Jordan + Jordan - Added on 07-19-2018

Jordan inviting Jay over to his joint sayin there gon be some chicks, but he just playin and he really lookin for dick. Jay is done with it and let's Jordan get on his knees to suck his dick and then ride him good. Jordan definitely feelin that pinga, he just loves sittin on that and bustin fat nuts everywhere!

Danger - Added on 07-12-2018

Named after what he's been known for on the football field since college, Miami native Danger is a hulking bulk of testosterone-filled chocolate bar with a sensitive side (his favorite film: The Color Purple) who makes the ladies sit up and take notice - or lie down and take their medicine. From the smoky eyes and kissable lips on down, taking this beefcake in one slice at a time is a sweat-streaked joy - and when spotted at a firehouse chatting with a buddy, it was obvious right away that here was a man who'd be appreciated naked.

Remy Mars + Thug Nasy - Flip Flopping - Added on 07-06-2018

Yo you can find dick anywhere anytime when ya a playa, like dat Thug Nasty picking him up some Remy Mars in some random hotel in some random town, shit I dunno. But it's all good, pants be dropping, dicks be gettin sucked and all that shit, but wassup is that both them kats be versatile, so Remy starts out fucking Nasty for a minute and then flips around to take it himself. They both get their piece fa sho and the be ending it all with some mutual 69 style masturbating in yo face, licking the cum of each other dicks at the same time!


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