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Thug Bitch Shorty J

Shorty J

We had to have this Philly Hotboi when we met him during one of our trips to the big PA. Standing at 5'2" and 140 lbs of pure toned muscle...yea you heard it right...this lil Philly brickhouse goes by the name of Shorty J!!! Shorty J also comes to us with alot of surprises such as his tight toned body and great six pack. then it gets even better...finally some uncut meat has arrived! Yea you heard me Shorty J is also packing a long curved 9" uncut cock and a toned phat bubble ass to wrap up the package!

Yo! Dis ur brotha Shorty J and you can gimme a holla at *****@****.***(Join to Email dem Thugs). I been playin' da game fo' 19 mafuckin' years now. Born as Libra, thugs be shittin' bricks when dey see me on tha streets. I'm Gay and I like to be a Versatile. If ya wanna get wit dis thug ya'll should know dat I'm Single. Ma skin's Medium, hair's Black, and my eyes are Brown. I stand at 5'2", wit my weight being 140 and tha waist at 28. I kno' fo' sho' ya wanna gobble down on my delicious 9" Uncut cock, so check it out in da shoot yo!

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