Rahra - Added on 03-23-2017

Tony Montana - Added on 03-16-2017

When Tony Montana strolled into our offices during a model call, with that killer grin lighting up his pretty-boy-thug face like a thousand-watt spotlight, we knew even before tha dude's clothes were off that this was wanking material. The Florida native (of Puerto Rican descent, who speaks English, Spanish, and "enough Portuguese to bag the occasional Brazilian chick") flips pizzas for a living while he works on getting his bachelor's. There's a lot of Latin pride in this straight stallion, and it showed when he sat down with me - after one tasty, sticky-wet shoot.

Sport - Added on 03-09-2017

Why couldn't there be this type of Sport around when I was in school? Watch as this cutie shows you his athletic abilities on and off the field. He will amaze you with his many telents, wether he's licking, sucking or fucking. This playboy guarantees a home run to any sexy G that wants to step up to plate.

Chance Jacobs and PM Dawn - Added on 03-02-2017

Two dope ass thug lovers just hangin out and doin the damn thang. The two wanna fuck and that's what they do. So sensual so fuckin in love, these two steam up the room like noone else. PM Dawn craves that dick and Chance hits him hard wit it. PM loves that shit, hard as rock himself he just waiting for Chance to fuck that nut right outta him...

Peanut Butter - Added on 02-22-2017

Assassin + Day Day - Added on 02-16-2017

Assassin seems to be in the mood for spreading love for a special someone. So he sets up shop in a nice hotel room and invites a friend over and surprises him with some Valentines gifts. Day Day comes in and is a little shocked to see the hearts and bears. Day Day tells Assassin that he appreciates it, but it also seems that Day Day wants a little something extra from his homie. Assassin doesn't hesitate to offer him that action that he has been wanting. The start of with a little intimate kissing and Day Day getting a nice feel for Assassins ass. Then Assassin goes down below to get a taste of Day Days chocolate dick. This is something that he can really enjoy on for this special occasion. Lets see how hot it gets as these two get down on Valentines Day.


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