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Domino Star and Ninja Nixon - Added on 08-28-2014

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Domino is sick and tired of being treated like shit by his man, so he calls up his homie to spill out his heart for a minute and invites him over to his crib. Yo, Domino sayin he done with brothas for a minute, but then Ninja rolls up to Domino's backyard and the two hit it off right away. Shit ya know how it is, ya can't deny a fine ass no matter how much you try. Ninja starts suckin that dick right there in the backyard when the two decide to head inside and continue their fuckfest there. The whole crew is hanging out inside, so the two get in there all naked and kick them bitches out, cuz they wanna fuck and don't give a shit. After everyone is cleared out the dick suckin continues once mo, and Domino gets in Ninja's ass fuckin it harder and harder!

Baby Star and Chaos Cartier - Added on 08-22-2014

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Baby Star hittin up his homie from High School who he ain't seen in a minute, so they get some catchin up to do fa sho. Yall kno there aint gon be much talk with two hot ass mafuckers like dis. Baby Star is all about getting naked and gettin his ass smashed by Chaos' big ass dick. He's so into it that Chaos fucks the nut right outta him. These two brothas makin a damn mess!

Hotrod and Redd Spyda - Added on 08-15-2014

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Redd Spyda just tryin to study but all dese brothas be hasslin him on tha phone tryin to come over cuz the brotha fine as fuck. Well Hotrod makes it over and all he wanna do is fuck and not know nottin about no goddamn books, cuz shit, he just had one hella exam and he needs to release some anxiety with his big fat thug pipe. So Redd Spyda gets his face fucked and Hotrod digs his dick deep into Spyda's ass who loves that shit fa real and is so grateful for the fucking that he lets Hotrod come all over his face and suck his dick dry.

Smooth and Affliction - Added on 08-08-2014

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Smooth hustlin like he always do, gettin dat shy Affliction back to his crib promising him a lil somethin somethin like dat, but all he be gettin is Smooth's monster piece knockin out his teeth. But Affliction is aight with dat, he don't mind to suck some thug dick and get is ass torn apart by Smooth. Just another day in a Thug's life, gettin what a brotha wants, ya just gotta take dat shit, and stick ya dick up in dem cakes. Learn from da Smooth motherfucker in dis.

Day Day + Neiko Nolan - Added on 08-01-2014

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Day Day jay walkin and stumblin around like a damn foo, but Neiko is there to catch him and save his life. In return Day Day whips out his dick and makes Neiko choke on it. He loves that shit of course, he's crazy for some gangsta thug dick. He likes that bad boy vibe and wants to fuck every inch of Day Day's piece. Neiko sayin he aint sucked no dick befo, but you can tell he's full of shit. He knows how to work it with those pretty lips like a pro and he can take that dick like it's nothing! He loves being fucked by Day Day and lickin dat nut!

Deka, TKO and Will2K - Added on 07-25-2014

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TKO n Deka hanging out at tha crib and the two talk about setting up a lil threesome. The two brothas hit the roads with Will2K as their target. Their mission is successful and Will2K is down fo whateva. Back on the couch these three hot as fuck Gs show no hesitation. Will's on his knees right away making sure both dicks get some good suckin time. Will is lovin that shit when Deka is fuckin his face while TKO is eatin his ass, he's all ready to get his ass fucked proper. He just bouncin up and down that dick, when the three decide to really spice things up and make good use of all their dicks. It's a fuck sandwich with Will on the bottom gettin fucked by Deka who's getting fucked by TKO... and TKO ain't going easy on that... Yea, this is some crazy shit, so yall just gotta check this out for yourselves!

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