Dustin Pope - Added on 05-25-2017

This sexy chocolate brother from the south, Dustin Pope. Sexy body and the tats to go with it. Hot versatile dude from Memphis, TN was bringing some of that southern hospitality to the screen. Showing off some of his many skills. Making that ass shake the way he did was something to see and be up close on. Watch him play with his hole and stroke his dick. Either he's thinking about fuckin some good wet ass or taking some big dicks, he was sure to bring you some satisfaction. Check out Dustin Pope in his solo.

N'Tice - Added on 05-18-2017

Check out this smooth chiseled thug right here. Absolute stunning perfection, this kat got some moves too which yall can check out in the video. Hot as hell with a big ass dick hungry for ass.

Kentrell Kash - Added on 05-11-2017

This tall and sexy dude is not lacking in the meat department. Kentrell Kash comes from St. Louis and if you can recall, that seems to be where all the country dick comes from. Kentrell comes on doing his very first nude solo photoshoot and plays with that big black dick for us.

Soulja Slim and Trick - Added on 05-04-2017

Damn, you don't wanna be messin with Soulja Slim. Owe the brotha a buck and he'll make you your bitch! Turn ya inside out fa sho, but Trick don't seem to mind. He be taking it in strides, shit he even moanin in pleasure and sucks Soulja Slim drier than tha Sahara. Yo, no money comin Slim's way, but I think everyone was satisfied in this one.

Thrillz Thriller - Added on 04-27-2017

Louie Lue - Added on 04-20-2017

Louie Lue is a bisexual-top. He sags his pants right below his dick and down below his round ass checks. He loves jerking his dick and he wants to jerk it for you. Do you want him to jerk his big thug dick for you in the back seat of a car? How about outdoors? How about Louie Lue make a special visit you you at your crib and jerk it for you in each room of your house? He wants to get completely naked and show you all of his 9 inches of dick and his small round bubble ass. He wants you to get down on your knees and suck his dick and lick on his low hanging balls until he is ready to turn you over on your back so he can squeeze his 9 inches of dick into your tight hole. While he watches you moan, he deep strokes your tight ass letting his low hangers smack against your ass checks. He wants to hear you moan louder and louder until he shoots his thick white creamy thug milk. Where do you want it?


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